Our Story


Our aim is to cater to real women who face the challenges of life with open arms. Whose elegance intertwines with strength and a passion that only a true pioneer possesses. We're inspired by real-life and the incredible women throughout history who have carved the way for new generations.  

Our collection has been influenced by vintage workwear and iconic styles, delicately transformed into contemporary feminine silhouettes.



To make garments that challenge and excite. To be constantly surprising yet reliable in our approach, innovative yet classic in our design and above all, be an evolving celebration of individuality.



The quintessential garments are designed to be a modern take on the much-loved classics and are both hardwearing and comfortable. Beautifully crafted with the best fabrics selected from all over the world, Damsons is dedicated to bringing quality and durability.

By using an ethical choice supply chain and recycled packaging for all our products we're also ensuring our clothes are supporting the future. We hope to prove that “practical” can be stylish and that true style is timeless.  



We aim to use sustainable processes and materials in our approach to each design, to balance purpose and beauty and innovate where possible.

A message from our founder.

Damsons is the sister brand of &SONS Trading Co. Founded by Phil James.  

"After we launched our menswear brand, we began hearing stories of women 'borrowing' their husband's shirts and requesting a more feminine line. This was always a dream of mine and I already had 100s of ideas ready so there was only one thing to do. After almost two years of design and development, Damsons was launched. 

I wanted Damsons to represent strength and beauty and for the garments to be as strong as the women who wear them.