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Chimayo woven purse

This Chimayo woven purse is crafted from the offcuts of our Idaho bag and makes the perfect pairing for a unique and stylish outing.

This medium-sized, clutch-style purse is woven from the same 100% cotton that our bag is crafted from. A traditional and vibrant line pattern is woven into the design for a pop of colour that contrasts against the natural raw cotton. Each purse will have a beautiful, unique design due to the repurposed fabric.

This purse can be transformed into a bum bag by attaching our Lasso Belt to the D-ring and the dog clip that is attached to the outside of the purse.

Origins: The Chimayo pattern is also known as the Ortega pattern and originated in the early 18th century. Traditionally, durable fabrics were made from sheep’s hair called ‘Churo’ and were woven into the ancient pattern. These techniques were used for everything from jackets to rugs and were passed down through the generations.

Strength & Beauty


• Unique Chimayo weave

• D ring and Dog clip on the outer to be worn with the lasso belt as a strap or as a bum bag

• Each purse is made from off-cuts of Idaho bag production, therefore purses will be unique in design

• 100% Cotton

• Made in India


For specific care instructions, see our guide to caring for your product.

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